Who are we?

We are a church for Frankfurt, and we love this wonderful city! The church is lead by Simon Tarry, who moved with his family from London to Frankfurt in 2014 to follow God’s calling to Germany. We initially met in the home, then in 2016 started gathering monthly in the Historische Museum Frankfurt, and then from September 2017 met in the Mainhaus Stadthotel. Since March 2019 we now have a permanent venue in Walter-Kolb-Straße, Sachsenhausen.

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What kind of church?

We may be informal in our approach, but we are very serious about Jesus! As with many other churches across the world, our desire is to resemble the communities of believers that we read about in the New Testament – people devoted to God and to each other, living lives full of the wonder and power of the Holy Spirit, and committed to God’s word.

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Why 'HafenKirche'?

Hafenkirche means ‘Harbour Church’ in English. We love this name because it captures some of the characteristics of God that we read about in the bible: God as a place of safety, refuge and strength. We also like the word ‘Hafen’ because we associate it with a place of welcoming, meeting, culture, business and homecoming.


The Tarry family had been part of Revelation Church London for 8 years where Simon served as an elder. We have planted Hafenkirche from this church and are in regular connection with them for support and guidance.

We are pleased to be part of the Relational Mission family of churches, which is one of the groups that makes up Newfrontiers.

As well as being connected to a wider family of churches, we also seek to build strong relationships with the local churches in Frankfurt and firmly believe that this is an important expression of the gospel.

Get in touch

If you wanted to know more about our church, or if you have any questions, please get in touch at hello@hafenkirche.de. Thank you.

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